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Tips for Sellers

Five simple marketing tips you shouldn’t ignore

There’s one thing that’s common to all houses for sale – the owners are getting a barrage of advice from friends, family and everyone else with good intentions. However, you can’t realistically take on all this information – you’re only human after all! So, here are our five top pieces of advice to pay attention to.

1. Declutter

You’ve heard this before right? It seems like it’s the mantra of all real estate agents, interior decorators and lifestyle coaches the world over. But if so many people agree, there’s a chance they might be right.

The problem is, we are all comfortable with out own levels of “stuff” and we can get offended if people tell us it’s time to clear out some extraneous items. However, if it’s got to the point where someone speaks up about it, you could do well to heed their advice.

2. Take a diverse but studied approach to marketing

Your agent will probably have lots of different ideas about marketing – but which are the good ones? Probably all of them! There are differences between markets.  For example, selling real estate in Adelaide is quite different to offering homes for sale in Darwin. There are also variables around the type of home you have, from units versus houses to new versus old. All of these elements attract different buyers, but generally speaking, a good way to get the most attention is to have widespread coverage.

This means considering all marketing channels as viable options, including print media, direct marketing by your real estate agent, flyers, internet listings – even social media!

3. Open for inspection time!

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to cringe at the idea of open for inspections (that’s open homes for those reading in New Zealand). All of those people coming through, judging your stuff, creating a mess… It’s just not pleasant. But it’s necessary!

While your agent can bring one or two groups through at a time during private inspections, you will be severely limiting your presence in market. By getting more people through quicker, you could reduce your days on market, which ultimately means less cleaning up and having people wandering through your home.

4. Smells matter

Visual decluttering is great – but have you considered the smell of your home? Probably not, because you’re used to it and to you it doesn’t have a particular odour. However, for those new to your home (or any house), there will be a distinct olfactory impression they get of your home. Make sure dishes are done and laundry is packed away, and look out for wet towels and any mould or dampness around the home. Damp smells can turn buyers off very quickly.

Also, think about what you did the morning of your open. Don’t have a big fried breakfast – the lingering smell of onions, bacon and oil will make your house seem untidy, even if it is spotless! Rather, have a positive impact on people’s senses by placing vanilla diffusers, candles or air fresheners around (in moderation). Be careful with lit candles though – out of reach of children is best, and don’t leave them burning if you leave the house before the agent arrives.

5. Better late than never

Many people who missed the good summer and autumn weather may think that selling season is over. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! When the wet weather starts to creep in, buyers often have little else to do but go out on the weekends to see houses for sale. In fact, when the sun is shining and the weather is fine, many potential purchasers might take the time to go to the beach or on a small holiday.